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Voice Search and SEO: Why You Need to Worry About It

SEO is changing a lot now and will continue in the coming years. You have already seen that people’s view of searches is changing.

Are you? I’m sure you have it.

People are searching for a lot of noise, instead, typing is boring. This trend is not new, it has continued for the last few years and is growing rapidly.

Voice Search Technology can be viewed from the beginning 2014.

Along with the technology, SEO will also change with very obvious reasons. Google is focusing more on mobile, now a website is being preferred for mobile SEO.

And to be completely mobile-friendly, it should be responsive. And these are all Google’s primary ranking factors.

And why not, it proved to be more than mobile and tablet searches in 2015 compared to big screen PCs or laptops. There are so many Voice Search apps, some are popular that are below

Chief voice assistant “Siri”

Siri – Siri introduced Apple in October 2011, it is the first voice assistant to come up with great features.

Its strong voice recognition and clever is appreciated for relevant information.

Google Now

Google was introduced properly in July 2012, it is available for all operating systems like Siri.

Apart from all other OS, it is also available for Android. This is one of the additional benefits, because there are more Android smartphone users.


Cortana from Microsoft Windows has been introduced in April 2014, and is quite popular among Windows users.


Echo from Amazon has been launched in November 2016. It is basically a device that connects to a voice-controlled intelligent assistant.

It responds to Amazon’s Alexa

Understand Voice Search and SEO Association

This phrase of searches is increasing rapidly every day. In fact, a Google survey says that 55% of teens and 44% of adults use voice search more than once in a day. That was a very large number.

And dramatically, it was only from Google’s survey!

These numbers say that it has not stopped and how the voice is being searched by users. You might think that new users such as teens also do this for fun.

Yes, there is a full potential, but it can not last for long. And the above statistics are after the birth of the Voice Search feature.

So it can be said on a serious note that voice search is the future. You will now know clearly how important it can be for SEO.

Semantic search metrics are climbing up the ladder, it defines the growth of voice search.

Why the search of voice is increasing rapidly

To use the Internet, smartphones are used these days. agreed?

agreed? A child also knows it. This is because the user probably does not like typing the search query and hurts his fingers.

And why not understand when we have such voice search features already available. It’s not like this?

In fact, not only smartphone users, even large screen users are becoming accustomed to sound search queries. Now, the best part is due to sound search features, searches have been greatly increased. The search engines are busy as before

To understand how voice search works, watch this video.

Voice Search and SEO: Importance

Voice Search is definitely the future of SEO. Obviously, there is a difference in the timing of user writing and speaking.

Voice search writing can be too long for search queries. It’s just like we normally speak.

While typing a few questions to find a place among each other, we take an example, we can simply choose to write from the destination. It’s not like this?

Example 1: If a user wants to find the distance between India and the United States, then they can put it

“United States” or “United States”,

But voice search can always say while going to the user

“What is the distance between India from the United States” or “The distance between India from the United States.” Or how far the United States is from India.

Example 2:

—Writing Keywords – “Italian Restaurant” or “Italian Restaurant Hyderabad”

—-Voice Search – “Where can I find the best Italian food” or “Best Italian restaurant in Hyderabad”

This shows that, more and more search queries are being used in voice search. This can reconsider the SEO criteria of your website to any website owner.

Your Website’s View

Voice Search is the biggest revolution in search engine optimization. Therefore, businesses should focus more on long-tailing keywords to drive more traffic to their website.

Not only long-tailed keywords, SEO should be done by understanding the user’s intentions. Understanding how the user will search for something special, it is important.

And this is not a big challenge, because you can understand the user’s intentions, or you can search for questions by keeping them in their place. Conceivable

Google Now is getting quite popular these days and is being used by every internet user.

Time to switch to Voice Search Trend

A quick voice search makes search very easy and gives results in no time. It is quite logical, because voice search works like a charm. Completely painful for the fingers and like before.

And if you are thinking, there may be many errors while recognizing the voice, the rate of error is only 8% and it is decreasing over time.

Now, there is no reason, not according to website selection and optimization. Therefore, according to voice searches, the website should be optimized to get more leads and sales.

As we understand the rise of sounds and the way to climb the ladder. This can be a tragic decision if business or startup will not go for it.

Before your competitors do this, otherwise they can snatch business from you.

Last word:

In this modern era, technology will change rapidly. At the same time, viewing of some changes in the SEO of websites cannot be avoided.

In addition to building quality, Backlink SEO specialists are also focusing on Voice Search and Mobile SEO. 2019 is the big year for voice search. Business websites reached the conclusion and accordingly changed their website SEO.

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