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9 Best Free keyword Research Tools for SEO in 2019

Here is the List of  best free keyword research tools for SEO in 2019, which you can use to find low hanging fruits for your content to rank well..

Organic traffic depends on your ability to use what search terms your clients and prospects are using to navigate search engines.

In other words, keyword research is necessary so that your viewers can search online for you.

To understand organic traffic, you have to compete for these keywords on the Internet and understand the keywords related to your business.

When you include keywords in both your website and the content you create, your site will be searched more easily.

One of the main factors of SEO success and increasing website traffic is to cross the homework to identify the highest degree of keyword search and the lowest degree of difficulty.

You can use tools like Google’s Keyword Planning Tool, Google Search Console or SEM Rush to know what your website is currently searching for and looking for new opportunities.

After this, you can deploy a strategic content creation strategy to increase your ranking

In other words, start with low hanging fruits: where your website matches the most monthly searches. In addition, find new, relevant, high-volume keywords that you are not currently ranking.

Keywords Everywhere 

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Everywhere’s keyword is a great concept by KEYWORD EVERYWHERE TOOL.

This is one of the easiest and best insight tools for research.

It’s Chrome and Firefox browser extension will show you search volume and AdWords cost for a particular search through instant search.

If you’re testing some quick ideas, and want to get official Google data, then it can be a real time saver.

In addition, the keyword search report, Search Analytics reports, and Google Analytics add Search Volume, AdWords CPC, and ‘Contest’ column to the search console everywhere, which is really amazing Finally, you can also upload a list of search terms and get back the data immediately. Try it – it’s free.


Soovle tool images

Soolve is an easy way to use tools for keyword research.

It offers many keyword suggestions from major information sources, providers in the web, such as Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, Yahoo, Bing etc., as you choose.

Study and compare the results of different engines to find the right one for you.

Google Keyword Planner tool

Google Keyword's Planner images

The Google Keyword Tool is the official product of Google, which provides traffic estimates to our specific keywords and helps you find more relevant and related keywords for your niche.

It’s free and you do not have to spend money to use this tool. You can only create an AdWords tool and start using it.

You can also get an existing Google AdWords coupon to create a free account for you and start using the Keyword Planner tool.

This tool is designed to target AdWords advertisers, but it also provides a lot of information when it comes to finding the right keywords for your blog and articles

Google Trends

Google Trends images

Google Trends also allows the user to compare search volume relative to searches between two or more words.

Basically, Google ignored updating Google Trends on a regular basis.

In March 2007, internet bloggers found that Google did not add new data since November 2006, and trends were updated within a week.

Google did not update trends from March to July 30, and only after blogging about it, again.

Google now claims that “updating the information given by Google Trends daily updates; hot trends are updated hourly.”

 Insights for Search is an extension of Google Trends and although the tool is for marketers, it can be used by any user.

The tool allows tracking of various words and phrases that are typed in Google’s search box.

The tracking device provided a more precise analysis of the results. It also has the ability to classify and organize the data, with special focus on the breakdown of information by geographical areas.

In 2012, Insights for Search has been merged into Google Trends with a new interface.

Keyword Tool  IO images enables you to export / copy keyword data in a spreadsheet where you can analyze and sort further.

To overlay the following keywords, use and use a master keyword spreadsheet with Google Keyword Planner:

  • Monthly Global Searches
  • Monthly Local Searches
  • Competition
  • Average cpc
  • The monthly traffic volume you currently receive
  • Position in search
  • Related Landing Pages by Keywords

You can use the Google Keyword Tool for the first item, Google Analytics (or any web analytics tool you have), 5th item and any appropriate rank tracking tool can be used to measure the position in the search.

In order to take all this data into your hands, you should have a useful spreadsheet to evaluate new opportunities.


Clean Design Actually quick and easy to use.

Tested for some keywords and have a clever idea to improve  niche sites.The search is fast and at a glance, tons of useful data to work.

Ubersuggest 2 0 Neil Patel s free keyword research tool imagres

SERPs Ubersuggest Alternative

Keyword Research Tool SERPS com images

A popular way to get more keyword ideas is through the keyword suggestions feature provided by Google and other search engines.

Basically, when you start typing in Google, this keyword suggests phrases that you may be looking for.

These keyword suggestions are based on the phrases people actually search for. You can try typing different types of keywords to get more keyword ideas.

Several tools have been created to automatically generate hundreds of keyword suggestions with a search. One of my favorites SERPs Ubersuggest is optional.

A good feature of this tool is that unlike other keyword suggestion tools, this keyword provides volume and CPC data, which can help you decide which keywords to focus on.


KWFinder images

KWFinder is a keyword research tool that will help you identify the best long tail keyword – aiming at high search volume and low competition competition.

It’s also an excellent Google Keyword Planner option because it offers accurate monthly search volume with many other useful metrics.

It is a simple, easy to use interface in the device and it displays data visually, thereby causing a lot of complexity to the research process.

It makes KWFinder a tool of choice for marketers, bloggers and SEO experts.

Search Console

Google Search Console images

Google Search Console contains tools to help web marketers ,website owners, webmasters and SEO people monitor and control the website’s performance in the Google Search engines results.

Features include information about search presence, technical status and updates ,search engine traffic reports, crawl data, and extra educational resources.

Google Webmaster Tools was known as Google Webmaster Central Tools until the current name was received as Google Webmaster in 2015.


If you are creating content for the web, then researching relevant keywords is a part of your day-to-day, and these tools can make the process more efficient and save you a lot of time.

Which devices do you depend on for keyword research? I would love to hear about your experiences with various keyword research tools in comments.

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